Terms of Use

Here are just some general rules I would like you to consider before editing my creations:
  1. If you plan on making mesh edits to any clothing I have released, please send an ask first! 
  2. If it’s a mesh edit of a hair, do as you please (and credit the original creator!!)
  3. Recolors do not need permission, but I just ask that you not include the mesh or the original swatches. 
  4. No re-uploading without making changes (changing the file name is not a change!)
  5. No paysites (do those even exist anymore?) or Adfly
  6. Please do not edit anything in a manner that would be considered vulgar, hateful, or racist. For example: making some recolors of a shirt with vulgar sayings on them.
  7. Always link back to the original creation.
If you have any questions at all about this TOU or I didn't answer something that you need to know, feel free to drop by my tumblr and send me a message, you don't need to register to ask! 

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