Sunday, January 29, 2017

Functional Anti-Vamp Door Mats

Hello! So, I liked the functionality of the garlic in the new vampire pack, but I didn't like that they gave off this green stink and weren't very pretty. So I made some door mats with the same functionality (deters vampires) that would blend nicely.
There are two size options, a small one square rectangle mat, and a larger two square half circle mat. I picked nuetral colors, and put some simlish wording on the smaller rectangle mats.

These mats have the same moodlet effect as the garlic, so if you have vampires in your house, they will have the very uncomfortable moodlet from being near these rugs. HOPEFULLY this will deter NPC vampires, play tests had shown that there wasn't any uninvited vampires breaking in, but please don't get mad if these don't work 100%!! I tried my best!

The mats can be found in the rugs section as well as misc. appliances.

Feel free to recolor to your heart's content! Please do not include the mesh... mostly because I'm unsure if including it would break the custom tuning files??

A special thank you to quiddity for play testing these for me!


UPDATE: I've added a base game rug for those who just want the visuals of the rug!
DOWNLOAD (via mega+adfly)


  1. What a great idea! Thanks for making these and for sharing them with us.

  2. I have this mod installed and one placed at the front door. A vampire just appeared and walked right in to drink from my sim! Maybe there is a clash with another mod?