Sunday, December 28, 2014

Maxis Match High-Waist Denim Shorts

So, I'm a Maxis-Match kinda girl, and I wanted some high waist shorts for my sims, so I made some. There's 6 color choices, and there are no inherent issues. Enjoy!

These are for T-E females.

You can recolor if  you'd like, but I ask that you link back to this post! Oh and send me a message or post a comment so I can share them (and add them to my game because goodness knows I'm terrible at recoloring).


  1. holy cheese, I now have discovered a highly skilled simmer in the fine arts of clothing thank you!

  2. can I ask where it is? it does not show up

  3. Can you make it a .package instead of a .rar

    1. .rar is just a compression method, the actual file is a .package. You'll need a program to open the .rar if you are on Windows. I use WinRar which is free and safe to use to open .rar files.